Switch Bet Gregor Daniels



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Switch Bet  by  Gregor Daniels

Switch Bet by Gregor Daniels
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All-around couch potato Randal comes into possession of a small gold coin that just so happens to have supernatural betting powers. After unsuccessfully using it on the college football game, he accidentally sets off the first change, giving his best friend the body of a local stripper. Before he turns back, a sexual act is required, and Randal himself might be next when his friend is male again.Length: 15,900 wordsThis work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions.

Themes include gender transformations, body swaps, mental corruption, race changes, magic, and other perverted fantasies. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.Excerpt:It was worth a shot, man. At least now we know that the coin is — Suddenly, my vocal cords just stopped midsentence.

I grabbed my throat and tried to cough, but nothing came out at all. It felt like something was clamped around my neck and squeezing it, preventing any noise from exiting my lips.Randal continued on, oblivious that my voice had suddenly stopped. Maybe it works a different way. There has to be some reason it isnt working.His words passed through my ear canals, but I wasnt listening to them. My whole body ached, and a tingle passed down my neck and across every one of my limbs. It felt like I had been electrocuted, but there wasnt any pain at all. In fact, the prickly sensation of needles poking my skin wasnt all that unpleasant in the slightest.

It was kind of soothing, and a shallow warmth was seeping underneath my skin and dispersing through every part of my body.I think Randal noticed that I wasnt paying attention, because I saw him staring at me after I hadnt said a single word for a few moments.Dude, Jack? Are you alright?I didnt know what he saw, but I couldnt reply back.

The tingles elevated in intensity until I couldnt feel anything else at all. It was like my crotch had been shoved into an electric outlet, feeding the walls electricity into my body, where it manifested into a body-shattering series of sparks that made all of my hair stand straight out.Jack?

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